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A Love Story in the Menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight

Shining today in the Menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight is a young woman by the name of  Antoinette Love. 

This  girl is brilliant and I couldn’t wait to share her story!

A native of New Orleans, Antoinette is the eldest of five children born to Yolanda and Anthony Love who were teenagers when she was born. Yolanda and Anthony have struggled over the years to make ends meet while raising their family. And here is where this Love story gets good: Antoinette, a high-school senior, has been accepted to 116 schools and has received scholarship offers totaling 3.7 million dollars!!

This young woman is an example of real excellence. Hard work and determination did this for her. She will no doubt leave her mark in this world and we Menopausebarbees salute her.

As a side note, her father wants to go back to school to get his GED so that he can try to keep up with his daughter.

As another side note, I heard on the news this morning that Felicity Huffman is expected to plead guilty in court today for her role in the college admissions scam.

Hard work. Tenacity. Diligence. Sacrifice. Bribes. Scams. Scandal. Fake academic scores. 

You get what you pay for.

It’s Monday! Make it rock everybody!