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A Hard Head Makes a Soft Behind… What does it Make an Elbow?

Last Saturday night was Deja vu. My God-daughters were having a roller skating disco party, and I was ALL in!!! I grew up skating and it’s said I live my life on skates.

As we arrived at the rink, it was immediately Deja vu. In my mind’s eye, it was 1982. Pony tail set in motion as I navigated through the crowd of Skoochie’s Roller Rink. Gliding smoothly, I cruised and moved to some of my favorite tunes and sang along…

Little ditty, bout Jack and Diane. Our lips are sealed. No parkin’ baby, no parkin’ on the dance floor. Taste like Candy. Roseannaaaaaaaaa!

I was movin’ and grovin’ and suddenly Deja vu turned to Kool and The Gang’s – Get down on it. The elbow shouted, Burn, baby burn.

I landed hard down on it alright- and shattered the bones in 2 places.

Never considered myself a toughie, but I couldn’t comprehend sitting in ER all night. So I took two Aleve and went at 6 AM the following morning. X-rays confirmed my suspicions.

Now I am adorning a sling, which my sister and co-blogger suggests I decorate. I’ll pass.

This injury has been a wake-up call for Mustang Sally to slow this mustang down. Thankful it’s my left elbow and I’m right handed, but If I could turn back time, I’d had not Danced the last dance!

Healing and reeling.. My mama warned me not to go and she has always said, a hard head makes a soft behind. Wish I’d landed on my ass-ets.