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12th Man Nap Time!

It’s been an exhausting week for us Menopausebarbees and our friends!

Our Seattle Seahawks are heading to the Super Bowl and the celebration has been non-stop!

A dear friend text-ed this AM that after partying all night Sunday, he took a cab home to discover he was locked out and had to turn on his outdoor heaters and sleep on his deck. I told him he was camping on the Lake, so I didn’t take pity.

Yesterday, I awoke with Jacquie Lee at 5 A.M. for her flight to head back to NYC only to learn all flights had been cancelled due to inclement weather. 18 hours later, she finally made it home… Exhausted!

To all my friends heading East in a few weeks, and for those of you rooting around the world, I share this post with you!

Get Rest… We’re gonna need it!
Go Hawks!!! Go to bed 12th Man! We’ve got 2 weeks~