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Your Word is Your Bond-age… Set Housing Providers Free!

This holiday card sits on my desk, “I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help and support while I was navigating through a difficult housing situation.  Knowing that on paper I was not a prime candidate, you still took a chance on me.  I’m humbled by your confidence in my abilities and promise to be a great tenant now and in the future.”

When we took a chance on this resident, all she could offer was her word and she proved it was her bond.  If someone’s word is their bond, they always keep their promise.

As a lifelong housing provider, I have encountered tens of thousands of people of all walks of life.  There are those who will take night shifts to make ends meet.  Those who will offer services such as keeping the property grounds clean when they fall short on obligations.  They may offer to clean a vacancy or barter whatever talent or service they can offer to see that they are not cheating and taking advantage of the system.  I was raised with a work ethic that says, “good things come to those who work their asses off!” I have countless residents who have shown up when they have fallen on hard times.  Together we have worked out solutions and I am beyond grateful.

Unfortunately, as a lifelong housing provider, I have also encountered the “bad actors.” The fakes who tell you one thing and then move in and prove that possession is nine-tenths the law. This quote literally translates that it is easier to maintain if one has possession of property, they are presumed the rightful owner.  I had a “bad actor,” recently say to me, “are you stupid?  can’t you read?  you can’t evict me.”  I would pass her in the hallway as she trotted off to her paying job knowing that the eviction moratorium protected her as she enjoyed the comforts of the shelter we provided along with heat and utilities.  Once I saw her packing up her vehicle headed on a ski trip.  I’m sure those lift tickets weren’t pricey with all the rent she saved.

Case in point shared by one of our Grassroots Landpeople members today.

 Here’s my story: In November 2019 I rented out my house in Northeast Seattle for a year. I was to reoccupy at the end of the lease. Well, you all know what happened. Over the past two years I’ve lived in four airbnbs, two furnished finders, and couch surfed as the eviction moratorium dragged on through multiple extensions. I contacted the new Mayor to get a reoccupy provision added if he was going to extend for the seventh time. Did we get that? NO!!
Can you imagine going into contract with someone on your personal residence, them giving you their word and signature that they would vacate at the end of the lease and three years later, you are still couch surfing?
These agreements are now turning into Your Word is Your Bond-age.
City of Seattle, please set us housing providers free!