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You Can Have It-You Just Can’t Have It Now

We’re all focusing on getting our minds in the right space for meeting the challenges of this new year, and as I think we all know, a healthy mind deserves a healthy home, so to that end, we might as well talk about getting our bodies right.

I want to share that many people have said or remarked that I’ve lost weight since they’ve last seen me and indeed I have. Because we all want to live our best lives and lift each other up, I’d like to share with you how I shed the excess pounds. Maybe something here might work for you or spark a google search to help you get on your way if losing a few stubborn pounds is your issue.

#1: Suffer. Seriously. 

Before COVID began shutting the doors to life, I was beginning to find that getting dressed to go out had become a chore: zippers did not understand the assignment and when I did get it all squeezed in, I was afraid to inhale. Or sit down. 

So when the virus kicked in in Germany, we had to prepare for a serious lockdown.  This undertaking involved stacking up on toilet paper, filling up my refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. I lit candles, and for a time, enjoyed the eeriness of it all. It would soon pass, I remember thinking; it was just a new experience. 

Soon, the novelty faded. Because we had absolutely nowhere to go, excepting the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, or for a walk, I found myself sitting at home, finding comfort in food. And you must understand: I love food. 

Mama and Dana get a kick out of this story: When I was a young girl, perhaps 2nd grade and in the school cafeteria after lunch one day. With most of the kids outside playing, I was still finishing my lunch–all of my lunch.  Sister Mary Raymond who’d been patrolling the cafeteria walked over to me and with a big grin and bespectacled smiling eyes said, “Theresa, you are the best eater in the class!” (As a side, I was called Theresa because one had to have a patron saint’s name to attend this Catholic school.) 

Or the time the three of us went to see a film. A scene had a waiter serving surf and turf–lobster and steak. Sandwiched between mama and Dana, I blurted out, “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” They nearly fell out of their seats laughing. 

 So, yes I love food. I won’t eat everything–but what I like, I really like. 

So on lockdown, I found myself sitting at my desk or lying in bed with my laptop, mindlessly eating just because it was there. And one day, I said, “If you carry on, you will soon reach a place of no return. We do not know how long will have to be cooped up at home. Make a change. For once and for all.” And that’s what I did. 

I didn’t want to try yet another diet; that would only set me up for failure. I had no choice but to make a change. If I said ‘diet’, that would only make me think I could eventually fry it–giving me the hope of going back to my old ways. You know, lose a few pounds and then think it’s ok to go back to eating ‘normally’ because you can control it. Not.

It became a mental thing for me.  So, I initially suffered in that I eliminated the foods that I love, but knew were bad for me. Cheese for one. Probably my most favorite of foods, I also know that it can cause inflammation and in its full-fat form is a sure-fire way to gain weight if you mindlessly nibble it all day as I was doing. So I eliminated it completely. I drastically, drastically reduced my carb intake and increased my fruit and veggies. I love Gummi Bear, Jelly Bean, Snickers, and orange slice candies–now I turn my back on them in the store.  Can’t do it. There’s a time and place for alcohol. 

But wait! There is a cure for the suffering. My dear girlfriend who is also on the better body path told me this which leads to #2:

When I get a craving at an off-hour, I get satisfaction by telling myself that I can have it–I just can’t have it now. Intermittent fasting. This works. And after a while, that diet word ‘fasting’ will fade because you will become used to eating within a certain number of hours per day. 

Until you master your thoughts and desires,  if you must eat something that is against the glory, eat it early in the day so you can burn it off so that the thought/feeling/madness of deprivation won’t make you want to devour everything your heart desires.

#2: Another thing: I don’t really eat canned or packaged foodstuff. Primarily because if I can’t pronounce or understand the ingredients on the label, I just don’t want it.

#3: Buy a scale and weigh yourself every morning at the same time every day. It will definitely help keep you on track. 

#4: Get physical. Period. Find what works that isn’t too challenging so that you will do it.

So, this lifestyle change is what has worked for me. None of us wants the pressure of dieting in our lives. If we just bite the bullet–pun intended–and find a way to eat and enjoy what we eat and be mindful of what we eat we hopefully can sustain it, be healthy and be rest assured in the fact that our zippers will understand their assignments.

And again, remember as daddy said: It ain’t no givin up and no givin out.”