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You Are the Sunshine of My Life…

The Sun and I have had a lifelong love affair. Being from the Pacific Northwest, ever since I was a child, I have relished the days I could embrace the warm heat penetrating my body. I enjoyed every aspect, from the sun-kissed glow my cheeks would take and not needing makeup to shedding attire and showing tan lines.
Truth be told, I was a Copper Tone baby, and I like many Menopausebarbees abused the sun. Yes, News alert! Black people like to tan too!
I recall many a day, laying on my floater, with baby oil and foil to attract the rays. Shamefully, and sorrowfully, I admit, I have used tanning beds in the midst of our long winter gray days, all for the vanity factor of achieving that sun-kissed appearance. I have done less harmful spray tans, and of course self tanning moisturizers, which often left me looking orange- al la Donald Trump!

Through the years, I have known far too many friends who have had different types of skin cancers and I’ve always paid witness to the aging effects of sun exposure.
We all know the facts, so we must protect ourselves!

This week, I was visiting with my life-long best friend, Trina Beatty who happens to be an amazing aestheticism. Trina and I have been best friends since we were eleven, so she literally knows every spot on my body and hair on my being (that she has to wax). We enjoyed lunch on her patio and as I got up in my work-out bra to head to the kitchen, Trina noticed a spot on my lower back which led me to my doctor to get it checked out. I’m grateful to report that the spot is non malignant, however, it was a wake up call for me to really access the dangers of my sun abuse.

I’m asking and sharing this today in hopes that all our readers will see their Dermatologist and get your body’s checked annually.
Use sun screen! And respect the rays. Don’t let the sun go down on you! Keep walking on sunshine and protect yourself.

419 pool1 my mom and me circa 1970’s poolside