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You are Not Alone…

April has arrived and I flipped the calendar.

Glancing at my pre Covid-19 scheduled activities for the month:

April 2 Stolen Youth Luncheon – This year,  I was attending as a guest of my friend, Marnie Backer.  Each year, I support my friend, Patty Haven Fleischmann as one of the visionary founders behind this important mission to stop sex trafficking our youth.

April 4 The Seattle Rep Gala- Each April, I look forward to supporting my friend, Winky Hussey as she brings together our “sisters” for a fun night of dancing and celebrating the arts.

April 5 Eric and I celebrate 4 years as a couple- This year, we would spend an evening hitting our favorite joints in downtown Nashville from Broadway to Bourbon Street while listening to our favorite live musicians.  A final stop at BB Kings dancing to the soulful sounds of the band would cap our night off as we hailed a Lyft through the packed bars and headed home.

April 6 Carmen Best, Police Chief Featured Speaker at our International Women’s Forum Meeting.  I would return to Seattle to join dear friends, Stacy Lill, Stacy Jones and so many more hear my friend, Police Chief Carmen Best share insights on the stellar job she is doing as service to our Emerald City.

April 12 Easter Sunday – Super Soul Sunday feast with the family where we would celebrate our Catholic faith.  I would indulge in candy after sustaining from my favorite jelly beans, hot tamales, orange slices, and chocolate as my Lent fast the past 40 days.

April 16 Napa Trip with my girls – Round 2… This picture says it all

April 26 Dinner at Carmen Gaytons – It’s always a feast when I’m invited to dine at the Gaytons.  I don’t know what the invitation is for, I just know the answer is YES.

In between these scheduled events, there would be weekly tennis matches, impromptu dinners, hair appointments, waxing, mani and pedicures,  cocktail catchups, movie nights in theaters, walks in the Spring sunshine with friends, and so much more…

But those things will have to wait as we flatten the curve.

Yes, my friends, life does go on and it will go on.  I miss you.  I miss our lives pre-Covid. We will get back together. For now, we must stay smart at least 6 ft apart and in the meantime, every time you go outside, remember you are not alone…