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Yes She Khan! Spotlight on Chaka Khan

Just take a moment and let’s travel down a menopausebarbee memory lane and listen to this:

I am indeed a child of the 60’s and I love, love, love Old School Music! So when I heard Chaka Khan was appearing at the Snoqualmie Casino, a 45 minute drive from my house, my dear friend, Dr. Deb Adams and I hit the road. We settled in the cozy theater, with our vodka tonics and could literally feel our pulses pulsating as the thunderous tempo and rapturous beat of Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan reverberated through the sound system and she emerged on stage.

At nearly 60 years young, Chaka Khan looked better than ever! Her svelte figure, sultry voice and candid honesty and discussion about her 9 years of sobriety endeared her to the audience. Deb and I joined the other fans on our our feet and danced to old favorites such as Ain’t Nobody, Through The Fire, and I Feel For You.

I found her humor delicious as she shared intros such as, ‘this song I call my baby daddy song. I wrote this when I left my first husband in Chicago.’ She also engaged us with her years of writing while on hallucinogenic drugs which such titles as Mother Earth Song.

There was no need for an opening act. Chaka Khan kept the crowd mesmerized for two hours and proved that this 10 time Grammy Award winner is still the Queen of Funk!

Her charitable organization educates, inspires and empowers children to achieve their full potential.

Yes, she definitely still Khan!