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Write Your Life Story… Make it Beautiful

This morning, I woke up feeling a little uninspired, so I decided to inspire myself and re-post Carol King Menopausebarbee post December 5, 2014



I’m in NYC and last night I had the pure blissful experience of attending the Broadway play, Beautiful with my friend who produced the stellar show. Yes, Blair, you knew you would be in the Menopausebarbee hot seat as I live my life out loud, and I can’t thank you enough for such a remarkable experience!

Beautiful which chronicles the life and songs of the prolific talent, Carole King had me walking out with the earth moving under my feet, feeling like a Natural Woman, and knowing I’ve got a friend. But aside from writing these mega hits, what resonated with me was how Carole King had to write her life story through the pain of her collaborator who impregnated her in high school and turned into an adulterous husband forcing her to relocate to LA with two small children. Feeling unworthy, unattractive, and uninspired, Carole wrote the song One Fine Day and re-wrote her life story.

As I continue sharing all week from Oprah Live Your Best Life, last night again reminded me that we truly are in charge of co-creating the life we want and desire by the choices we make.

Write your own story…

Those who know me know one thing for certain and that is I will find Fun! I will put fun in dysFUNctional, find FUNds when they are lacking, and FUNction to get the most challenging tasks completed.
Yes we will all have hardships but how you handle the hard times is in direct result to how you will live your best life.
I live be these 3 rules:
1 Have something to do
2 Have something to love
3 Have something to look forward to

When you are writing your life story, I hope you utilize these thoughts and make it a best seller! Make it BEAUTIFUL!