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Words to Live By at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair

It has got to be considered one of the greatest things in the world:

to be told by a complete stranger that you have inspired them; that your words encourage them; that you have lived to tell your tale and because of

what you lived through, it gives them hope to face their own challenges.

This is truly amazing and all the more so, for me, because the voice of this inspiration is tumbling from my lips in German, which is not my mother language, and it is at this point when I realise that my message of “never

giving up” is universal. And this was my experience presenting the German version of my book, Einen Herzschlag entfernt at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair.

That I am understood. That my message is universal in its meaning and in its application.

Everywhere. All over the world.

We all face problems. Health, food shortages, lack of economic opportunity,unemployment and on and on. We must tackle these problems with courageous in our conviction and have conviction in our courageousness! Don’t take no for an answer!

The absolute worst thing to happen would be for us not to at least

try and to end up walking stooped through life, our heads bowed

in shame weighed down with the question knotting at our necks of wondering whether we could have done more.

And we need to have hope. Sometimes it seems that hope is all we

really have and we need that ray of light that shines through hope

to guide us when we bump into walls in the dark because bump

into the walls we will when we are troubled. And most

importantly… we must keep our faith: whatever it is that you call on for

help and support. Faith will bring you to it. Faith produces what

you believe: it is the confidence in what we hope for and the belief

in what we cannot see. “Let go and let God,” as Mama would say.

Yes, we’ve got to build each other up–life is too short and too valuable to be

nonchalant. We’ve all got to help each other to face our walls of adversity and do our part to make this shaky world we’re living in come to stable ground. Let us listen to each other and get moved towards the right direction.

This menopausebarbee Dad said it: “It ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out” and I’m sharing his message, trying to make a difference from where I stand as I share my book,

Einen Herzschlag entfernt and Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story.

“It ain’t no givin’ out and no givin’ up.” “Aufgeben gibt’s nicht”.

Daddy, they’re hearing me.