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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Wookin Pa Nub… The Saga Continues

As we near Halloween, we are on the countdown to the holiday season! I made a vow at a dear girlfriend’s birthday last January, that I would be the catalyst for finding her a quality soulmate before Christmas. Well, yikes, that was over 10 months ago and the clock is tic-toking away and I still have yet to find her needle in a haystack. As I was reflecting on this dilemma over the weekend, I flash-backed to a blog I did a few years ago, Wookin Pa Nub! Perhaps it was the vino I consumed after a long day of work, but I enjoy a good laugh and this fit the bill- literally. Take a read and enjoy!

Ahhh, so once again, I am left to share a dating story from H-E-L-L.

A girlfriend called me last evening distraught. She went on what she promised herself would be her last attempt on I’m beginning to believe there should be a site called
Mis-Matched. That’s what my girlfriend, a successful, independent business woman thought as she approached Bill, her online dating connection. She stood 5’9 in her heels and glanced down at his 5’6 slight frame. She suffered through mindless conversation over “unhappy” hour nibbles and when the bill came, you know the story, “Bill” came up short. Life is indeed short, and so is Bill and his pocket book- Thanks Match!

So today, I’m asking our readers to help my sisters and brothers out. I recall vividly as a child watching and laughing with tears at Saturday Night Live and Eddie Murphy’s rendition of Wookin’ Pa Nub aka Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places. Well, for some it’s no longer a laughing matter.

I’m social, resourceful and shameless and my friends who are on the dating app Tinder say I am the Common Eve of connections. I get phone calls everyday from people asking – “Do You Know—-?” Truth is, I generally don’t know my 3000 plus contacts personally. However, I am a connector and I feel at the core of my being that is what we are here to do and be of service to others.
So today, I am asking our readers to weigh in- where did you find love? And if you are still “Wookin’ Pa Nub”… let us know! Y KNOT? A closed mouth never gets fed. Besides, you might help me keep my vow to my girlfriend- and she’s a keeper!