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With Love from the Ukraine

WELCOME to September everybody–I swear it seems that time is just flying by!

There are several important international days this month: two of my favorites are World Heart Day on the 29th and the International Day of Charity on the 5th. Another event personally important to me this month is the art exhibition of my friend from Ukraine, Svitlana Andriichenko in Cologne, Germany. 

Svitlana and I are just beginning to develop what I hope will be a lasting friendship and just over a week ago, she invited me over to visit. I was extremely enthusiastic to go, as I wanted to literally put myself in her shoes and try to imagine what it could possibly feel like having fled my country and living in a small government-subsidized apartment with donated furnishings knowing that my home with all my possessions had been confiscated and plundered by my country’s enemy. 

I cannot imagine waking up to this nightmare every day.

It just so happened that our get-together fell on Ukraine Independence Day, a national holiday, which marks Ukraine’s independence in 1991 from the Soviet Union. This day just also happened to mark the sixth-month date of the war outbreak when the world turned upside down for so many of Svitlana’s family and countrymen. 

I arrived at the building where she lives and walked up the five flights of stairs, Svitlana having met me more than halfway. I kicked off my shoes, and we sat down on the couch where she sleeps in the compact living/dining room/ kitchen. Her 18-year-old daughter Daria, joined us, her private sphere is the single bedroom. Daria speaks German pretty well, and Svitlana can some English so, between the three of us, we made a lively discussion happen about Ukraine, God, and the world. 

In the midst of our conversation, Svitlana strode toward the oven and pulled out a dish she had prepared. I was so not expecting this! It was delicious, called «Блинці з тунцем, запечені з сиром», it is a crepe stuffed with a baked tuna and cheese filling. 

How Svitlana and her daughter remain so even-keeled is remarkable to me. What I do know for certain is that when it appears that all is lost, there is always hope. Always. And if there is hope, there is faith and faith produces what we believe: it is the confidence in what we hope for and the belief in what we cannot see. And to this end, perhaps I can be a small conduit with the aid of my platform to give these two women a reason to keep hope alive which brings me back to Svitlana’s art exhibition in Cologne this month beginning on September 11, at 11 AM. The location is the Lindenthal Institut Friedrich-Schmidt-Strasse 20a, 50935. The patronage is by Mr. Wolfgang Bosbach. 

I do hope you will, my friends, come out, enjoy her oil artworks and support her at her Metamorphose Exhibition. And for those of you around the world who would like to get to know more about Svitlana and have an original painting with a certificate from her, please visit her website: 

Says Svitlana, “All painting simply has to do is breathe, color, sparkle, and live.”