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Winter Babies

Christmas has officially left the building.  The brittle tree, once so fragrant and bodacious is gone.  The beautiful ornaments  stored for another 12 months.  Lights, wreaths, and decorations removed. But, the spirit of giving continues to live on.

In that spirit, last Wednesday I hosted a small gathering for some of my favorite December babies whose birthdays get robbed sharing their special month with The Reason for the Season.

I purposely waited until January so all sights and sounds of the holidays had dissipated. I decorated my table with hues of pink and yellow and no signs of the traditional Christmas tones of greens and reds. I requested that my celebrants wear pajamas. I didn’t want fuss or stress that generally accompany a celebration. I along with my sister and co-blogger, Tracie and Trina are doing dry January (yes.. it’s killing me) so I stacked the fridge with Perrier, and savored the smell as I poured my beloved Rombauer for my other girls. I ordered from my favorite Greek Restaurant, Vios, and we indulged on Chicken Souvlaki, Dolmas, Hummus, Pita, and Tzatziki plus Greek salad. The cake was crafted by my very favorite bakery, Madison Park- they never disappoint in flavor or design! Seeing that my Winter Babies are all colors of the rainbow- Black, White, and Asian – the characters reflected each. Shari, who has the best sense of humor laughed at the yellow face painted in her honor.

Even though I attempted to erase all elements of the holidays, for the gift giving, I borrowed a favorite Christmas exchange and had each recipient pick a number and then open a wrapped book. Each book was one that I had read last year and thoroughly enjoyed. I had them pick numbers in the game exchange, so that if they had already read the book they could swap them out. As luck would have it, each birthday girl received a book and chose to keep it. The books included:

Just Mercy – Bryan Stevenson – Movie Just released as well and it is must see/read.

Where The Crawdads Sing- Delia Owens

Educated – Tara Westover

Hilbilly Ellegy – J. D. Vance

Talking to Strangers- Malcom Gladwell

Of course, each book came with a laminated book mark from my sister Tracie’s inspirational story, Incompatible with Nature.

I chose these books, because like my sister’s, we never know what someone has gone though. Personally, I love triumph over tragedy real life memoirs. And that is my hope for all reading this and as my Winter Babies read these titles that they all understand and remember, “In life, if you’re going through Hell.. Keep on going.” May reading and sharing other’s struggles and triumph, I pray that it will inspire you to know that Impossible begins with I’m.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year to all!