... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Where We Come From…

It’s an amazing feeling that hits your heart deep in it’s core when you are home, especially for the holidays.
That feeling was satiated as my sister and I sat in the bar of Chop Suey last evening. Tracie sipped on her hot toddy and I my red wine as she said, “Looking at you is bizarre as it’s as if I am looking at myself.” We are mirrors and a true reflection of each other, not only because we share the same blood, but because we share history.

Although it’s been 3 decades and my sister lives in Germany and I reside in Seattle, sitting on Madison street, it’s just home. Tracie speaks German fluently, has traveled to Hungary, Spain, Egypt, Britain, Ireland, Africa, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Holland, and I’m sure I’m missing more, but last night, she was home. This familiar intersection where we grew up, Tracie attended Seattle University, we banked at Seafirst, ate pizza at Danny Piecoras, got our vacuums for our rental business serviced at Dicks, our appliances repaired at Dave’s, and still as we did the other night, chow down on Dick’s burgers after a late night. Back in the day, we hung at Henry’s Off Broadway piano bar, and ate at Charlies and Boondocks.

You just never, ever forget your roots or where you come from. That message resonated clearly as we left the bar of Chop Suey to the main lounge where performances which featured some of the best emerging hip hop artists in the city : West Hell, Munkbizz, One2 & Koga Shabazz, and Vic Daggs II.
This past summer 40 youth from the greater Seattle area participated in an intensive residency program to develop their skills as artists and leaders. The Residency features performances from many of the participants in the program and will be an ongoing series hosted by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The program is a three way partnership between the Grammy Award winning artists, Arts Corps and MoPop (formerly EMP).

As Macklemore took the stage in the sold out club, he reminded the mesmerized fans- he was home and this was where it started. He passed the mic and the stage to these aspiring young artist and as they performed their craft, the true spirit of the season was palpable. He asked for no cell phones, and no photos, (well, I tried to obey).

Wherever you call home- we hope it is blessed and magical this season!