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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Where Did You Come from Lady? Happy Birthday Tracie!

Today is my co-blogger, sister and best friend, Tracie’s birthday! They say you can choose your friends, but not your family and so I feel doubly blessed in this department.

When I think of my sister, the first words that come to mind are the lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song, PYT Where Did You Come From Lady?And Ooh Won’t You Take Me ThereRight Away Won’t You Baby…

Tracie has always been a mystical, exotic, and adventurous person. At age 18,as ahigh school graduationgift from our parents,she traveled to London, Paris and Rome- alone. Tracie has always dressed eccentric, traveled solo, and she is just truly content in her own skin.

You see, just as I am the Social Butterfly in our family, Tracie welcomes her solitude. She enjoys going to movies ,dinner, plays and visiting historic churches and museums alone. I really must say, her enthusiasm for “alone time” used to bother me, but as I am maturing into a Menopausebarbee, I have come to learn that she really likes herself and that is one of the best compliments I can give her.

Tracie has lived in Germany for over 25 years. She has navigated a new country, fighting for her freedom with a never ending divorce, a child born with a severe heart disease, a foreign language, excellent cook, and through it all, she is a successful businesswoman, accomplishedpublished author and lyricist. She has felt the fear and done it anyway.

She has taken Daddy’s motto of ‘Ain’t no Givin’ in and No Givin’ out’ and triumphed!

Tracie is brutally honest-. I hold my breath and wait for the hammer to fall when the conversation starts like this, “Dani, (my nickname), I love you enough to tell you- BAM!” I know she has my best interest at heart and so even though it’s sometimes a hard pill to swallow, her life experiences never fail me.

Always a deep thinker, as an 8th grader, the teacher at Sacred Heart Villa wrote the words I KNOCKED on the chalk board and asked the students to finish the sentence. As the giggly teenagers wrote I knocked and the bogeyman answered, the teacher was astounded by Tracie’s response which read, “I knocked, but no answered. I knocked long a very long time. I tried talking to the door, screaming fictitious names, but no one came. I am still knocking, but can’t find the key to open the door to my soul.”

Tracie has never been one to want to fit in with the crowd. If the attire calls for black tie, she is likely to show up in torn jeans and a black bow tie. I recall once we went to a Sonic’s basketball game. We had excellent seats right behind the player’s bench. All was fine until it was nearly half time and I decided to beat the crowd and run up to the bathroom. Tracie took her coat off and was coming with me.I turned around and allI could see was the fluorescent gold, feathers, beads, and outrageous ensemble and I sat back down. “Come on”, she prodded, “bathroom”.That is when I coined the saying, I am social and resourceful, she is shameless. There was no way I was parading past the packed arena with Tracie in tow looking likeLady Gaga on Grammy night!

I think Lady Gaga is a great analogy, Tracie was just born this way. And I am beyond grateful that she was born. As she heads back to Germany in a few weeks, we might find her again on stage as she just completedDeborah Woodson’s playSing Hallelujah!, or find her blogging from the Rock Gibraltor.
We can all say exhale and say…
Oooh baby won’t you take me with you!

They say when you get over the hill, you are picking up speed! You better rev your engines,
cause Tracie is on the go!