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When Life Becomes a Reality…Show!

When Life-style editor, Linda Lowry and I recently met for coffee to discuss Menopausebarbee features in MODE Magazine, little did I know she had more on her agenda to discuss. Linda made a phone call and introduced me to two Emmy Award winning producers, one from L.A. and the other from Chicago and to make a long story short, on Wednesday, I along with one of my besties in random adventures, Patti Savoy hopped a plane to L.A. for the day to discuss bringing Menopausebarbees to television.

Patti and I joined the ladies for lunch at the Peninsula Hotel, where we became fast friends. We discussed all aspects of our lives, marrying, carrying, burying, and all the highlights and low-lights of the who, what, where and how we became independent, community conscious, single business women at this stage in our lives. There was an immediate camaraderie and common ground when we discussed that the real reality is, through the trials, tribulations, disappointments and challenges, we all just want to live, laugh, and love.

I have found that although Menopause means going through a bodily change, for many of my peers, it also reflects changes in their personal lives, transition with parents aging and children leaving the nest. Change is inevitable, so we must embrace it.

So Menopausebarbees, as we enter the next phase of this journey, let us all remember, we are getting older, but we are still dolls!

Stay tuned for more details on the reality show and any input welcome!