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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

When is the LAST Time you did something for the 1st Time?

“I don’t want to go!” I firmly planted my foot down at Tracie’s idea for a Girl’s Night outin Leavenworth, Washington.My reasons, Christmas is in 2 days… We still have work to do… Let’s just make a fire and chill at home.

My resistance fell on deaf earsas I found myselfstrolling through theBavarian shopping village at the base of the Cascade Mountains. I was actually enjoying the sights, and unique shops, and glad I had been talked into going,when I came acrossa sign that read, ‘When is the last time you did something for the first time?’

The message on the signstruck a chord, as we are creatures of habit. I consider myself adventurous, but as I reflect on my life, and daily ritual, it usually follows the same routine. I have lived in Washington State for over 4 decades, yet this past Christmas season was my first trip to Leavenworth. It seems like I am the only Washingtonian that had not ventured this two and one half hour trip to the popular winter wonderland.

My sister, Tracie, obviously not having enough of living in Germany wanted a girl’s night out there, so Mama, Taryn, my ten year old daughterand I piled in the SUV and hit the road. We listened and sang toDeborah Woodson’sChristmas Gospel album (Tracie co wrote, Deck the Halls) We stopped at a roadside espresso stand and anticipated what we would find.

After we checked into the Linderhof Inn, we bundled up,the temp was hovering around 30 degrees,and walked across the street to the heart of Leavenworth’s shopping district. We enjoyed a hot pretzel which cost a whopping $18! Still not sure what the exchange was on that one. Tracie mingled with the town people in search of someone who could speak German. We stopped for some Gluehwein which is hot red wine and were told about one of the town’s finer restaurants where they were sure to speak Deutch.

Sure enough, the proprietor at the restaurant was thrilled to share some exchanges with Tracie and their conversation erupted into the history, establishment and populous of Leavenworth which Mama, Taryn and I of course did not understand.

When we left the restaurant, night had fallen. Additional window shopping was non-negotiable for Taryn. I had found a sign with 2 Loon birds to hang in her brother’s room which said
‘Welcome to the Looney Bin! You Must have heard my call”. Tracie found me a stocking stuffer which read, ‘I YELL, because I care’.
Got Steve a shirt with a dumbfounded squirrel that read, ‘I’m so Old, I can’t remember where my nuts are.’Found our Aunt some toasty Pajamas and Uncle a jelly jar with a stem that is called a Redneck Wine glass.And finally some stocking stuffers with Purell hand santizer that read, ‘You nasty’.

“Enough!” Taryn proclaimed as she eyed the hill with kids sledding down screaming with glee.So the next stop was to purchase a round disc for Taryn to enjoy the fun.

After a comfy nights sleep, Taryn and I were the first in line for inner tubbing. The mechanical lift took out all the work, as I recall trudging up the long slop in the Snoqualimie ride as a child. Taryn and I flew down the mountain with pure exhilaration.

On the ride home,after visiting Leavenworth,I proposed the question, When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Mama shared her trip to Montreux Jazz Festival in July.Tracie shared her stage debut in Sing Hallelujah!Taryn shared taking first place in her class Spelling Bee.

How about you… When is the last time you did something for the first time?