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What’s The Title to Your Life’s Story?

Can you think of a book that was life changing or defining? I would love to hear your suggestions.  Personally, I’m drawn to the memoir/nonfiction category.  I relish in stories of people’s lives and how they navigate life, especially in the most challenging of circumstances.

Some of my favs include:

The Glass Castle: The incredible tale depicts Jeanette Walls’ childhood, where her family lived in poverty and sometimes as squatters.  Her father descended into alcoholism and her mother became homeless by choice.  Jeanette became a celebrity gossip reporter and best selling author.

Angela’s Ashes: Frank McCourt was an Irish American author who graphically shared details of his life in Limerick, Ireland and the abject poverty he rose from.

The Color of Water, I’m Down and Hillbilly Elegy- This blog does not allow time for me to delve into the countless tombs which have resonated and moved me.

Now that I have access to Audible, my book intake has increased triple fold.  I recently finished Somebody’s Daughter, and I’m currently obsessed with Spilled Milk and started a hard back copy of Crying in the H Mart.

As I review even this small sample of my library, there is one common theme and that is SURVIVAL. All of the families in these stories are dysfunctional nonconformist.  On the exterior, their lives may echo normalcy while underlying there are deep family secrets. But the powerful message is they rise.

My sister and now many dear friends are published authors.  They all have sat down and painstakingly shared their journeys.

I recall the hours my sister and co-blogger wrote, re-wrote, and re-wrote every sentence of her award-winning memoir, Incompatible with Nature. It is a gift that my nephew’s story can lend hope to others.

In Shari Leid’s series The 50/50 Friendship Flow and Make Your Mess Your Message, I learned a lot of the hardships of women I personally know, even though I didn’t know their history.  Mayumi Mueller shares life changing habits in Fcking Fab and Fit After 40.  The alterations Mayumi made in her life are a testament to her healthy lifestyle, and the benefits are evident, however, it was a major adjustment in diet and exercise which all women going through midlife should consider.  Cindy Benezra recently penned Under the Orange Blossoms.  Although I have known Cindy well over a decade, I could not fathom what her early years taught and brought her. In Carmen Best’s book, Black in Blue, I learned more than her lessons in leadership. I was able to see from her foundation and upbringing, the tools that prepared her for the task as Police Chief under the most challenging times our city has ever faced.  Rosemarie Francis- A Better Life Book, is a must for all young people trying to figure out life.

I could go on and on…

If you had to name your book and story of your life, what would it be?