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What’s New Pussycats??

I found an article about black people and cats.  There are only two black women I know who absolutely love little furry felines; one is my aunt Margie, the other is my lifelong childhood friend, Metre.  I’m not trying to stereotype, but seriously, my friends tease me mercilessly as I fit in to the general population of which the article below stated clearly:

7. Black people don’t do cats

“Don’t ask them why because they’ll look at you cross-eyed. We’re okay with you having pet cats but please, please do not expect us to cuddle, kiss or love them. In fact, black people don’t really do pets at all, dogs belong outside and are there as a matter of necessity, there’s no love lost between me and Spotty.”

I have to say, when my fiancé Face Timed me from the pet shelter asking my agreement to adopt not one, but TWO black little Panthers, I thought I was in  a Wakanda nightmare.  “I have allergies!”  I shrieked.  “I’m never cleaning the litter box!”  “What about when we travel?- who is gonna watch them?”

Looking at their sweet little faces, caged, lonely, and afraid, I gladly welcomed Winston (as in Churchill) and Ella (as in Fitzgerald) into our family.  I might have questioned my sanity when I arrived late last week at our home in Nashville.  Ella took an immediate liking to me, so much so, she crawled all over my head all night, purred, pawed, and meowed as I tried to sleep until I pet her.  Aren’t cats supposed to be quiet, snobby, sneaky and aloof?  What was I missing?

We made a truce and agreed to put the feline out of the room for sleep sake and over the next few days, but I have to admit, we bonded.

Although the popularity of the movie Black Panther has black cat adoption on the rise, historically black cats have been denied opportunities to find a good home.

As we prepare for August 18, when animal shelters around the U.S. and Puerto Rico waive or reduce adoption fees, it may be a good time to consider a furry family member.  Trust me, if I can do it… anyone can!  Meow!