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What was in the box?

OK, so you, like the rest of my Facebook family are over hearing about my epic birthday celebration. I get it, but for those of  you who keep asking…What was in the box?

Yes, this box that Stacy Lill along with With Patti Savoy Kim Ross Shalisan Foster Fredda Goldfarb Deborah Renee Anderson Sheila Nagle Otter Stacy Jones Susan Kropp gifted me.  My crew is always ahead of the curve, and what was inside was just like each of them- sustainable, stylish, comfy and classy.  Check these out (1) Respoke | Luxury Fashion Boutique | Provincetown & Nantucket, MA  Mine were made out of recycled Hermes scarves.  I have not taken them off except for this picture.  Thanks girls…I love them!  Gotta put on my shoes and go!