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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

What is a Menopausebarbee?

My sister, Tracie and I have always loved to write. Tracie is the professional writer by trade, I am more of a storyteller. Although Tracie lives in Germany, and I’m in Seattle, everyday, we talk and share what’s happening. Tracie calls it, our lives on each of our

‘sides sides of the pond’.

When we came up with the concept for us to blog about our lives, loves, lifts, loss, and lessons, the name menopausebarbee just seemed to fit. I can’t tell you how many chuckles, hearty laughs and aborhant oh NO’s have been revealed when we share our blog site.

Why would you admit to Menopause??? That means you’re old! Menopause is oftendefined as the end of our childbearing years. I like to think of it as theend of a period, and begining of a new period.

Personally, I love to call myself a Menopausebarbee as I knock upon menopause doors. Why do we as a society hate to admit our age, and favor all the media attention on the power of youth and beauty? Ladies, we can still rock it at ANY age, with style, class, beauty and more wisdom- our mom is living proof!

The doll Barbie turned 50 in 2009. The girl has been looking good for 50 years! Barbie’s stats if she were a human are as follows:
Height 5’9
36 inch chest
18 inch waiste
33 inch hips
Weight 110 lbs

Barbie has beenrepresented in every major market- including the above post of the new Punk Rock Barbie.

One of my favorite Barbie jokes goes like this:

A dad takes his daughter in the store to buy a Barbie for her birthday.
The saleslady goes into action:
We have
-School Teacher Barbie $14.95
-Veterinarian Barbie $12.95
-Beach Barbie $15.95
and Divorced Barbie for $329.95
The dad says aghast- “Wow, why is divorced Barbie so much more?”
The saleslady smiled and replied,
“Oh, she’s a bargain, because she comes with Ken’s house, Ken’s boat, Ken’s car, and Ken’s pension.

So, I got to thinking, I need to call Mattel- and request a Menopause Barbie. All of us in our 40’s and 50’s,we may be getting older, but we are still dolls. Menopause on average, occurs at 51.So remember ladies,for those of us between the ages of our 40’s-50sBarbie is definitely going thru the change right along with all of us!

What is a Menopausebarbee? A woman going through positive changes in life. She’sbusy as a bee,but most importantly, she’sstill a living doll in looks, heart, spiritand soul! Her mantra is ‘There ain’t no givin in and no givin out!’ She embraces life and all the lessons she has learned perhaps through being a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, wife, and friend. She utilizes those lessons for the betterment of herself and others. A menopausebarbee is confident enough to laugh, live, love and share her light everyday. She nurtures others, but most importantly has learned to nurture herself. A menopausebarbee knows that Success only comes before Work in the Dictionary. She faces her fears and moves forward. A menopausebarbee is a survivor. She lives each day as if it’s her last, because she knows one day, she will be right!