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Well She is Just 17…If You Know What I Mean

Well she was just 17 if you know what I mean… I cranked up Alexa and played this Beatles tune this morning, as I awoke my daughter, Taryn.
I used to sashay to that tune. Foot loose and fancy free literally.

But as my child turns 17 today, I’m reminded that music as life carries a whole new tune.

I marvel at Taryn’s tenacity, to march against gun violence, stand firm with the “Me Too” movement, put in countless community service hours at a school for underprivileged children and support Pink Bandanas the Guild she has been with since inception which had raised over 100k for childhood brain cancer. Daily she watches the insane tweets and social media platforms play out. She just says “NO” to drugs, alcohol, and now other legal substances. She “Just Does It,” as she works out and participates on swim team. She’s taking on leadership roles as upcoming president of the Black Student Union and as a peer mentor.
The song keeps resonating, but she is just 17…if you know what I mean as she lives in these chaotic times.

As Taryn studies preparing for her SAT and the competitive college applications, most nights when I am fast asleep and the house is quiet, I am confident that although she is just 17… she will march on making moments matter out of madness.

Last year, Taryn lost her father suddenly and unexpectedly.
Each day she strives to honor his memory and make him proud. Every day, she makes me proud.

She is just 17.. and to borrow from another song, “She’s beautiful and she’s mine.”

Happy Birthday, Taryn!