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WE are what We Eat…

How do I feel?

After sharing the below cartoon about Pooh missing Piglet, and my sentiment that I felt his pain after not eating red meat or pork for the past 8 months, many Facebook friends asked two questions:

1  How do I feel?

2 Will I continue to forgo eating mammals?

To answer those questions, I thought about my diet and the mental and physical components of what I consume.  My mom shares that when I was a baby, she couldn’t get me enough milk.  I joke that this photo was laced with vodka, but truly my demand was for- milk, Milk, MILK!


On a 1st grade field trip to the Dairy Farm, Sister Eileen Marie at Mt. Virgin for some twisted reason thought we should all milk the cow and learn where we got the precious white liquid we enjoyed. In my 6 year old brain, I was disgusted – and seriously have not had a full glass of milk since that day!  My cereal has enough just to moisten it.  Fast forward 4 plus decades later, last December, I took my fiancé – )who hasn’t eaten red meat or pork in over 25 years) for his birthday and we dined at the famed Herb Farm Restaurant. The Herb Farm is one of his favorites, so he called ahead and had his menu chosen.  Carnivorous me, chowing down on the succulent beef, the waiter appeared and said she hoped I was enjoying the Beef cheeks. Beef cheeks are the actual cheek muscles of a cow. The beef cheek is a lean cut of meat that is rather tough. Suddenly the visualization of the  succulent chewy substance coming from the cheeks of a creature I had just passed in the pastures on the drive out to the farm resulted in the same disgust I felt squeezing the utters of the cow 45 years before!  I am not nearly as brave as my sister, and co-blogger who recently blogged on bringing out her inner Anthony Bourdain:(

I looked at my guy and his special order plates of chicken, fish, and glorious veggies, and proclaimed, I can forgo red meat.  It was just before New Years, and I love challenging myself to new commitments. I have even gone a full year without candy! For those that know me, giving up my beloved sugar was a SACRIFICE!   I won’t lie, during the past nearly nine months, I have missed those late night stops at Dicks for a burger.  Ordering salmon from the Met just doesn’t quite hit the mark, when my family’s sizzling steaks arrive.  I have turned into one of those “Ill take the veggie dish” at charitable functions.  I long for those lazy Sunday mornings of frying up my eggs in bacon fat.

On the flip side, my fiancé is an amazing chef.  He has opened my palate to wonderful healthy alternatives such as this shrimp and veggie stir fry he whipped up.  I draw the line at Tofu and told him, don’t EVER try again to sneak it in my meal.

Aside from the mental sanctity of knowing as Russell Simmons wrote, ‘I’m not eating most things that can run away from me,’ I can’t say I really feel better.  Long ago I read a book, Eat Right for your Type.  I’m B positive and therefore per the book, I m supposed to eat red meat.  I can say when I was on a high protein diet, I ate less carbs, and my weight was more easily maintained.  But overall, I feel my digestive system is better.  Will I go back to red meat?  Let’s wait til Fall and mama puts on some of her delicious Red Beans and Rice cooked down in ham hock and buried in ground beef.  Pooh, I hear you!  We will see.