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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.


Imagine being physically limited. . .
Perhaps you can’t open a door, or close it; click on a light switch or flick it off; maybe you can’t reach the phone, or need help removing your clothes. Possibly you are in distress and need someone to find you.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend. Saturday evening, I witnessed this statement come to life at the 2015 VITA Charity Gala, held to raise support, funds (€190,000), and awareness for the VITA organization.

This organization was founded fifteen years ago by Tatjana Kreidler, who has over the years developed methods (the Kreidler – Method) to train Golden and Labrador Retrievers to help the physically challenged meet the difficult tasks in their daily lives. The freedom and independence these loving and loyal animals offer their charges is amazing. It is documented that children who before had never uttered a word are now laughing and enjoying a zest for life. Imagine! What one selfless woman with a heart and a mind can do.

As I watched Frieda, pictured here, being rolled to and fro by her mother in her wheelchair, laughing and ‘dancing’ to the music, with her dog, Fellow by her side, I was moved beyond words. Sometimes, we are lucky in life to see a glorious thing, be in the moment and recognize that we are seeing it. It affects us to our very core and we conscious of the fact that we are thankful . . . for everything.

To date, the VITA organization has paired and sent forty people – dog teams on their way in life. These animals are “medicine on paws”. They offer comfort,
self-confidence, promote the willingness and the ability to take over responsibility for one’s self and build bridges to society. It doesn’t get too much better than that. I am honored to support this organization.

Tatjana, thank you for having the vision and the heart.