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Virus ends in US and It’s Up to US to Stay Stafe

It’s Thanksgiving week.  And as we celebrate all that we are grateful for, we cannot be remiss and not remember those who lost loved ones this year to the Pandemic.

This year, as our tables are missing loved ones who wisely chose to stay home, be thankful that although they are across town or out of state, they are still with you.  We reminisce of hugs which will never equate to elbow bumps, and cute masks which will never replace a smile, but know with a vaccine on the horizon, and we must play it safe. Virus ends in US and it is up to US to stay the course.

The frightening truth is that although many are misinformed, and believe once they have survived the virus, they are immune.  Per 60 Minutes interviews last evening, there are lingering after effects which can happen.

Please take a moment if you missed 60 Minutes last night and watch. As we give Thanks this week, give thanks for your health and thanks for everyone’s work to mask up and keep each other well.


Puzzling, often debilitating after-effects plaguing COVID-19 “long-haulers” – CBS News