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UNFRIENDED…   Have you ever crept on a friend’s page , only to receive the message- If you want to know about John Doe, send him a friend request?

Admit it, we’ve all been there.  If you don’t like someone’s politics, religious stance, Facebook bragging, or commentary, with the punch of a button- they can be erased.

I found out recently where I wasn’t only unfriended, but I was Facebook ANNULLED!  I ceased to exist in this former friend’s life. Funny thing, we still have a few hundred friends in common, and see each other at social events, but  ALL photos and comments from me or about me were removed!!!

So, after my CYBERSPACE dumping, I ask the question, when I see this person in public am I the ghost of Facebook friend’s past?

Let’s not Pussyfoot around!

fat cat