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Uncorking Pain… Breast Cancer Does Not Discriminate

As we wind down the final few days of October, The Menopausebarbees would be remiss not to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I shared on Tuesday a blog entitled, Addiction Does Not Discriminate. And as I was collecting my thoughts for today’s entry, I realized Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence (which we also recognized this month ) don’t discriminate either.

I was so touched by the outreach, comments and reflections about addiction, that I’m sure the cross section of our readers will find this topic epidemic as well..

I don’t know a person who has not been affected by breast cancer. Personally, I even have a male friend with this diagnosis. It appears as I look on Facebook I am seeing and hearing of more diagnosed daily.

I know several senior women, from my late mother in law, to a surrogate mom to me who recently shared after reading my sister’s book, Incompatible with Nature about the big cry. This 80 year old woman penned her emotions as my sister does on page 50 Uncorking Pain. Our 80 year old surrogate mom, said, “I just went through that scream crying that my right breast would be removed. Holding in all that emotion and grief has to be released at some point.”

Uncorking Pain. Everyone affected from the patient to their loved ones must uncork the pain and fight.

My friend, Andrea Chatard who like me, is a Menopausebarbee, shared, “Dana, I know I’m lucky to be alive. Some days are more challenging than others. I try to stay positive, but some days I just feel overwhelmed. It’s a blessing that I have such a great network of friends.” Andrea is a hardworking successful realtor and she went on to say, ” I think it is vital to tell people, especially black woman. Breast cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Early detection is key. If I had not been proactive, my situation could have been much more dire.

No, Breast Cancer does not discriminate. Such as the case with my friend, Tera Elizabeth Martin, founder of The Pink Gene Foundation. Tera continues to blow me away with her beauty, poise and ability to educate. Tera was diagnosed with stage 3 B breast cancer at age 28.

Tera and I had dinner recently and she shared her experience of how she was eating out at a posh Seattle restaurant with her wig after her long mane was taken by chemo. She was hot, and just uncomfortable when her boyfriend gave her the permission she needed, just take it off! She did and when the waiter returned, she nearly dropped their cocktails. But Tera smiled and said, it’s a wig. In Tera’s case, I say wig stands for the Woman IS Gorgeous with or without hair!

No Breast Cancer does not discriminate. And just as a bra protects our breast, it is like a great friend. Close to our heart, offers support and lift us up! Let’s continue to be the bra for our sisters, and men for your women. Early detection and support is key!