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Ugly People…Got to Give it Up!

This past Wednesday, February 14, my uncle R called, and I assumed he was bidding me Happy Valentine’s Day. He and I are the designated “clowns” in the family and we always tease each other mercilessly. We have actually done stand up together-but that is for another blog. So, as we prepared to hang up the phone, I said, “Thanks for calling, Unc!” He replied, “Well, Dana, theres one more thing, actually I was calling to say I’ll see you in 40 days, as again, I’ve given up hanging with UGLY people for Lent!” He gets me every year as this has been his long standing joke ever since I was a wee one, doubling as a Rastafarian Refugee!

61172_438041354478_7497358_n with my cousin Lori.

Lent, so begins this solemn, religious fasting period of giving up everything we love- generally speaking it’s either fattening, illegal, or immoral (gotta love us Catholics and guilt)! Remember, it’s not just what you give up…but what you might add to your life. It is said it takes 21 days to form a habit. After my post earlier this week, An Open Letter to Haters… I think I’ll expand on Uncle R’s joke. I’m giving up Ugly People (that is on the inside) too! There is just no space in my life for those who bring me down. We should all live by this quote, “The only time I look down on someone is when I’m lifting them up.”

Thanks for your love, support, texts, emails and responses to my post, An Open Letter to Haters. You have no idea how they resonated on so many levels and therefore, I’m giving up Ugly People…This is fasting I’m looking forward to!


My daughter with her ashes for Lent.

Happy Lent