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There are Two Absolutes in Life!

steve 1

My first clue should have been that his last name was Looney, that I indeed was in for a wild and crazy ride.
When we first met, he appeared much younger than his 38 years. His youth defying looks continued through his life. With his polo collar flipped up and his sweater tied around his neck and his short shorts, the guy had swag like I’d never seen.
It’s hard to believe it now, but I was younger than our son and not even legal to drink when he took me to Henry’s Off Broadway for our first cocktail.
Too many vodkas to count later… Steve left us all this past Sunday. Although we divorced after two amazing children and twenty two years, we continued to remain the best of friends and talked and or squabbled daily. I always told him to agree with me, so we could both be right! We celebrated every Christmas and Thanksgiving with our children, because we both knew they were the reasons for our seasons and our biggest blessings.

The memories I hold deepest are Steve’s compassion and deep love for all of his children. He was a fierce protector of his two oldest Tracy (deceased) and Stephanie, as well as our two and his siblings and his friends. It’s rare to see the span of decades that his friendships such as his bestie Dick Baird, and he remained and maintained since childhood. Everyone who Steve loved and loved him became his family. There are too many to count, but know that we are grateful for the love and friendship so many continued to bless Steve with.

I can’t even begin to express the gratitude for the love and expressions and outreach from those who knew and loved Steve. He had a generous heart, an infectious smile, a savvy business acumen, a wicked sense of humor and an ego bigger than the size of Washington State. As many know, he was a multi-sport star athlete and part of Seattle U’s historic upset over the undefeated Texas Western where the movie, Glory Road was documented. But aside from his athletic accomplishments, business success, and love for friends and family, Steve did it his way.

He lived Well, He Laughed Often… He taught us all there are two Absolutes in life- Love and Vodka!
Here’s to Steve!

A celebration of life is pending and we are finalizing details for this Saturday April 1. Please reach out if you are not contacted for details.

With love, Dana, Stephanie, Brett, and Taryn