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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

True Style Never Goes Out of Style

Last Friday evening, I was invited to the Fairmont Hotel for cocktails and catchup with my friends, Amy and Luly.  What started as three ladies talking work, parenthood, travel plans and sharing funny life memories morphed into a true life Cinderella story.  See, the Luly I’m referencing is the brilliant designer Luly Yang.  For over twenty years Luly has maintained her corner on 4th and University downtown where one can’t help but stop traffic and be moved by the visual art in her windows.Luly not only designs the most sought-after wedding gowns, and exquisite apparel, her production now includes a ready to wear line and she recently completed the Alaska Airlines Flight attendant’s uniforms.  We got a huge laugh when I shared this photo of little me circa the 1970s wearing my Aunt Margie’s Alaska uniform when she was flying to Russia.  A lot has changed in the past fifty years, however, true style never goes out of style.Luly is rarely in the shop except by appointment, so I took the opportunity and asked for us to all leave the bar and continue our visit in her store down below. Amy, my fit, fun tennis friend, who is an attorney gave Luly’s gowns some serious lawyer appeal as every dress she put on was a perfect fit.  Watching Amy walk like she was on the catwalk in a Paris Fashion show, as the blends of the most salacious fabrics flowed in her wake was truly poetry in motion.If you have a special occasion coming up, Luly Wang is waiting, but make an appointment.  Luly is a busy lady, but all of her custom creations are certainly worth the wait!

1218 Fourth Avenue,

Seattle, WA 98101