... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.



What I love about life is that it’s full of surprises. You just never know when you’ll meet someone or do something that will trigger a memory that you thought you’d long forgotten. And no matter what comes our way, we’re blessed that we never know what’s coming. Cannot fry that egg to perfection and that’s a good thing because it allows our lives to be undetermined so that we’re free to live. 

Take this story for example. 

On the second leg of my trip from America back to Germany, a few days before Valentine’s Day, I had no idea that I would be meeting a real Valentine.

I had taken my seat next to the window. The airplane was pretty full. I looked up to see a very tall–basketball player tall–man walking towards me. His height was impressive, but it was his roman collar that started my trigger.

My mind immediately revisited the fourth-grade and thoughts of Father Reagan, the principal at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin grade school. I recalled how he would come into our fourth grade class and whack the kids on the hand who were not studying and or causing grief for Mrs. Tamayo our teacher which made me remember the time–because I was such a good kid–I got to personally take a letter to Father Reagan from her. Oh, I was so proud. Proud and stupid. I read the letter on the way up the stairs to his house not realizing that Mrs. Tamayo was looking at me through the classroom window. In the letter, she was asking for her late paycheck. 

Later that day, she kindly reprimanded me. If I should get the opportunity again–I was not to read her letters. Ten thousand years later I’m still mortified. This was fourth-grade and I distinctly remember this! 

Father Valentin and I fell easily into conversation. We toasted each other with a glass of wine. We talked about sex, God, the world, and our individual lives. He gifted me two pendants that will always remind me of our chance meeting; a meeting that took me back to a place and time where I learned a lesson, the value of which I still treasure. Have a trigger today, my friends.

Father Reagan, rest in peace.