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Travels, Journeys and Destinations

This year I had once again the pleasure of introducing The Golden City Gate Multi Media Awards as well as my book, Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story at the Golden City Gate Awards at the ITB, the world’s leading international travel trade show.

All in all, there were 121 contributions from a whopping 26 countries–so many that the awards had to be nationally and internationally categorized.

During my speech, I encouraged the filmmakers and participants to support each other and their films in order to garner even more worldwide support as these films have so very much to offer to the tourism industry.

The difference between this film competition and others is that aside from the normal standards of film judgement criteria such as picture quality, sound and editing for example, substantial value is placed on the emotional qualities of the film; particularly how well it inspires us to want to travel–and that of course, is what their industry is all about.

I find it to be so interesting to draw parallels and connections in circumstances and situations and how life can be so intertwined. For example in this case, the Multi Media Awards where we can consider art, industry and. . . heart.

In part, here is what I told the participants and the audience:

“We humans have an innate desire to learn about the world around us. You filmmakers encourage all the rest of us to quench that thirst by taking tours, voyages, excursions, treks, safaris, jaunts, all over the world. You know that we travel because our lives are defined by experiences: the more we are exposed to, the more we learn about ourselves and each other and hopefully thereby, expand our awareness and our desire to generate empathy and compassion for everyone. And isn’t that really our ultimate destination?”

Travels, journeys and destinations…
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