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I just received the judge’s commentary from the Writer’s Digest self-published book ceremony for his/her commentary on my book, Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story. I am so happy to share it with all of you!

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Judge’s Commentary*:
Beautiful phrasing throughout.

Author’s emotional recounting of this story, showing great strength in re-living it, springs from some lovely wording and visual descriptions such as bridging over their challenges.

Author conveys emotion in tremendously sensory and experiential descriptions, such as roaring from the pit of her stomach. We feel her confusion, her shock, her fear, and we are hit experientially with her description of the doctor’s words as instruments of torture. Very well put. Readers who have been through health crises can relate.

Author paints settings very well, adding sensory details that make scenes come to life, and dialogue is instilled with energy and connection. Very well done. Charcters’ voices are well differentiated, and author does us a great service in sharing the meanings of German words and phrasing, at the same time engaging us to feel perplexed alongside her in these moments.

Author uses movement well in descriptions and in dialogue interactions, a great instinct for breathing realism into the book. We’re moved by what she is facing, and we’re moved by her strength and faith. We learn from her experience the difference between changing one’s mind and not accepting the minds of others. That’s very powerful and one of the greatest gifts of this book. Very well done.

The doctor’s resistance to releasing her son to American physicians’ care moves the reader, since our hearts sink at the idea that they would be concerned with a sense of admission that they cannot handle her son’s case well enough. Author uses all caps in her reaction so well. We’re screaming alongside her. Author has crafted a moving account, one that can be of great guidance to any readers facing a similar situation. Well done. Author’s writing voice carries us confidently through some unthinkably difficult moments, yet still embraces us.

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