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This Will Put You in the Spirit

This past Tuesday was Giving Tuesday and at MoPop’s Founder’s Award, the tribute artists GAVE IT UP! This year, we honored Seattle hometown girl, Brandi Carlile. She was the most nominated woman at the 61st annual Grammy Awards and a three time Grammy Award winner.. Watching the tribute artists which included Dave Matthews, The Indigo Girls and Tanya Tucker, Mike McCready, Ruby Amanfu, and Beth Ditto, it was evident the nominations and awards were rightly deserved.

Brandi Carlile dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music, teaching herself piano and guitar. Her debut major label album was released to critical acclaim. Her 2007 single, The Story was awarded gold status in 2017 having sold more than 500,000 copies to date.

As a MoPop Board member, I was thrilled to watch our young musicians from the Residency Program and hear how our programs helped shape Brandi Carlile’s foundation and future as a musician. Although at this writing, numbers are still being calculated, we raised the most money ever to keep these vital programs going!

As always, auctioneer extraordinaire, Fred Northup kept the crowd in stitches. Bravo to Founder’s Chair, Leslie Chihuly- yes, girl, we finally went Country in such a grand way!