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There’s No Place Like Home so Stop B and M

Prince Charles, first in line to the British throne has been tested positive for the coronavirus. This Scorpio is self- isolating at home.

As of day before yesterday, more than one-fifth of the world’s population was ordered or urged to stay in their homes. If you’re reading this, I would dare to say that your living conditions are pretty good, and would agree (perhaps reluctantly) that it’s not so bad being on lockdown with your laptop working from home in our pajamas if you so choose, taking Netflix breaks. 

Are we the lucky ones!

There’s a whole lotta people out there susceptible to this virus with no homes. People who can not find comfort in the stars or understand that certain star signs get along better with other star signs or that the positioning of the sun, moon, and planet positions in relation to earth may mean something to their past, present or future. 

They just want to have a roof over their heads and be with their families. 

Since the lockdown, I’ve come across many news headline articles that look something like this: How to Handle the Stress of Working From Home with Kids. And I get it. But I can guarantee you, someone somewhere has it worst than we do. So, let’s quit bitchin’ and moanin’ and remember to be GRATEFUL that we could even have kids; that we can still work; that we have family members; that we have homes. 

In the midst of our topsy-turvy wondering if and when and will and is it even possible for the world to return to normal day, just take a second and say a silent prayer for those with mud under their bare feet. Refugees, asylum-seekers and anyone else forced to wait in crowded and unsanitary conditions throughout the world. 

These are real people with zodiac signs.  

Wishing us all wellness.