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The Verdict is in! No Laughing Matter…

After yesterday’s verdict in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case, I reflected on a post I shared 2 years ago. It is said there is Truth in Comedy…

Recently, my son and I were perusing the record store bargain section on “oldies, but goodies.” Brett is an old school boy like his mama, so we were thrilled finding Al Green, a compilation of Motown Favorites, the best of Whitney Houston, and Sam Cooke at the $4.99 table.

As we were preparing to check out, Brett happened upon a CD, and just shook his head and handed it me. Incredulous, it was entitled:

Bill Cosby

It’s true! It’s true!

The first number on the 1969 Warner Brother’s CD was entitled “It’s the Woman’s Fault.” Seriously… let that sink in a moment.

As a women, as a daughter, as a mother… I will never condone a female being sexually assaulted under any terms. Power and privilege are not protection from the truth.
There is truth in Comedy… and perhaps when Bill was doling out the Quaaludes, and making this Warner Brother’s CD, he should have also been selling this t-shirt along with his Jell-O and pudding…

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. He has pleaded not guilty and contends the sexual encounter with Constand was consensual. Each count carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.