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The Unicorn


Now here’s a topic that will, at least momentarily, take your mind off world affairs.

I came across an article about it in the Huffington Post the other day.
The headline:Tips for Having a Safe, Stress-Free Threesome. The article read in part that, “Sex experts agree: it takes a little advanced planning to have the best possible threesome.”

Planning is good.


What do you think about this? Would you and your partner ever consider “doing” it? Could you comfortably watch your partner “doing” it with someone else? Evidently this activity, if engaged in correctly can be quite enjoyable – so they say.

Sex writer and author Mandy Stadtmiller, interviewed for this Huffington Post article, recommended that if you engage yourself in this activity, you should consider using the safety app Healthvana, which offers a simple way to obtain and share verified sexual health test results. This app is a good one in general these days and must be a relief for anybody who is too embarrassed, or simply just doesn’t want to ask the delicate question of: “Do you have any STDs?”

She also further recommends “respecting boundaries”. To that end, she explains that in the ménage à trois setting, the unicorn is the person who is not in the couple, but is joining in to make the three way happen. It is best for the couple to discuss with the unicorn the logistics of how the game is to be played before playtime begins to avoid feelings of jealousy when playtime is over.

A lot of variables here.

“Two is company, three’s a crowd”. Maybe. maybe not.

This all induces me to beg the question: Are we meant to be monogamous?

Hmm . . .

That ol’ unicorn is not the legendary creature you thought it was.

Peace and love for the weekend . . .