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The Treasure Chest

I blogged last week that my daughter, Taryn is turning 11 today and shared the card I found which said to change the D in Daughter to an L and you get Laughter.

Taryn has brought me so much joy and laughter, I am without words to express how I feel. There is a certain maturity about her and that trait has always been present. I often call her “Woman Child,” as she is far beyond her years. As an example of her maturity, she has held firm and has refused to have a birthday party this year. In lieu of a party, I asked her what was something special that I could do to commemorate her special day. She decided it was time to re-do her bedroom. Remove all the stuffed animals, the baby pictures, snow globes, and childish books she has outgrown.

What was I to do with our Bernstein Bear collection? She was adamant about Raggedy Ann and Andy being booted too. I lamented, but, O.K., I had a project and so I got busy. I decided to repaint one of her walls turquoise which happens to be her favorite color. I changed her bedding and added a nice piece of wall art. As I was bagging and boxing all the miscellaneous items from her first decade to send over to Treehouse for Foster Kids, there were certain items I couldn’t part with: her first Teddy Bear, the mink booties Grammy made for her as an infant, and childhood photos, when suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. I rushed out to Restoration Hardware and found a Treasure Chest which I filled with all these precious keepsakes and more. Inside are timeless treasures of this first decade, including family videos, her first teeth, artistic drawings, and her favorite recipe for Grammy’s secret to the best Mac n Cheese in town.

This Treasure Chest will stay locked for 10 years and Taryn will open it on her 21st birthday May 30, 2022, where not only will she find these mementos, she will find a bottle of wine which we will share to toast her legal birthday of being a woman, but always my child!