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The Three  H’s


Before you read any further, please stare at this picture for as long as you can and try to discern what exactly is going on. 

In case you couldn’t come up with the answer to this mind-boggling situation, I will tell you. These cars are filled with people waiting in line at a food bank yesterday in Texas. But it could as easily have been Milwaukee or New York or California. This is America and this is November 2020 and this is shocking, and this is frightening and this is wrong. 

The current administration is still finalizing regulations that will tighten eligibility requirements for food stamps. 

An unemployed construction worker waiting in line in this picture and laid off due to the pandemic, sad that he tried to apply for food assistance and was told that his family of five people would only be eligible to receive $ 25.00 per month. And so he waits in line.

The moral of this very true and very sad and very appalling story is, we’ve got to let go of what we think a good life is supposed to look like and sincerely appreciate and be thankful for everything we can get–which in this pandemic is for many not that much.

Hungry for the holidays.

I believe we can all do something to help–each of us individually has to decide for ourselves. But something is do-able.

All we need are the three H’s: a Heart, a Head, and some Hands.