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The Ten Year Challenge…

Let’s take a moment and travel to the future. The year is 2032. In ten years how old will you be?  What does your life look like?  What do you look and feel like? Are you smiling as you sit at your favorite restaurant with your besties relishing tales of the week?  I’m sure, you are a bit grayer, perhaps a few unwanted, stubborn pounds cling to your figure and certainly there is the constant tug of war with gravity, but you ain’t giving in.

Have you accomplished your goals?  Are you enjoying that vacation home you bought in 2025?  How are your kids and now your grandkids? You couldn’t love them more if you wanted to- right?   Isn’t it laughable how things that once unnerved you don’t seem to matter anymore?   Have you forgiven past hurts? Have you laughed more than you cried?  Told your loved ones you love them enough?

I have been loving the Facebook pictures of the ten-year challenge. But for me, it’s not just the physical appearances that are paramount, it’s the personal growth. As we look forward, we must also look back.When I pulled up these pics from 2012, my daughter, Taryn was ten and my son Brett 18. We had no vision of what the next 3,650 days would hold.  Despite the untimely loss of their father, they have both thrived.

2012 is a special year for me as ten years ago, I met my now husband for the first time. I was at an Oscars party with two of my nearest and dearest, Patti and Fredda.  I had no idea that this random encounter would bring my future husband.


When I look at all those who have left my life and all those who have entered, I know season, reason, lifetime, and that God brought us to each other. I’m eager to see who I will connect with in the next ten years.We have all lived during a Pandemic. We have had to navigate the challenges of life where a handshake feels illegal and a sneeze could be deadly. But through it all…life goes on.

The seeds we plant today will blossom tomorrow. Invest your time and talents wisely.

So, here’s my ten-year challengeLive every day as if it’s your last, because one day you will be rightMay you take more Jets than have Regrets, Say Yes more than Not, Give more, Laugh more, Love more…the clock is always ticking.  I hope to see you happy and healthy in 2032!

Happy New Year Everyone!