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The Silver Lining – ME TOO – Silent No More!

I was raised to look for something good, even in the most dire of circumstances.  If you search, hopefully you will find a silver lining.  You may find peace after a loved one passes, knowing they are no longer suffering.  A failed job promotion may lead to a better opportunity. Heart break transformed into happiness after a failed relationship brings the partner of your dreams.

As I pondered the Silver Lining after the outrage I felt after sitting glued to the television watching the  bravery of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s  recollection of a sexual assault, I struggled.  My shocking reality is that I, like Dr. Ford am a Menopausebarbee, born in the same era, and recall those late night alcohol infused Keg parties on Fraternity Row.  I paid witness to far too many young women left in the shame of their abuse.

Silence.. Time will pass and heal the shame… Silence.

As my daughter and her friends prepare for college life, I am terrified of the reality of what she and they will face.  How do I reiterate as my mother shared with me, the blatant reality of the predators she will come into contact with?

Then the Kavanaugh hearings took place and I found my Silver Lining…

Silent no more.  Tomorrow, I will share a story – a true story, sent to me by a friend who was shamed by her rape at the tender age of 15.  Her innocence stolen as well as her voice 35 years ago- until now.

This is the Silver Lining- for our children, and their children to know.

Just as the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Just Say NO had a campaign, we now have the ME Too, so women everywhere know they are not alone.

Last weekend, my uncle, Federal Judge Richard A. Jones at the request of my daughter, President of Black Student Union, spoke at Seattle Prep for the African American Student Summit.  As he shared the trial he oversaw of Gary Ridgway the notorious murderer who admittedly took the lives of nearly 50 women in our region, (estimates are over 70), we were reminded he was a husband, a father, soccer dad and friend.  He was a Navy man. He held a job for 30 years. He went door to door sharing the Bible.  He was the predator next door…

The important take away is that your rapist doesn’t have to be lurking in a dark alley with a hooded sweatshirt.  He can be  your family, your minister, your neighbor, or a high school drunk you thought was your friend.