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The Promise of the Month of May

The little boys and girls…the babies.

Ahh… how fitting that this particular month of May, is known for amongst other things, love and success. Did you know that the flowers associated with May are the Hawthorne which symbolizes hope and was used by witches against evil spirits? And the Lily of the valley which is actually a member of the asparagus family and is associated with motherhood and the return of happiness. 

Another aesthetically pleasing something associated with the month of May is the emerald. This gemstone represents or embodies compassion and patience and is said to imbue the wearer with those qualities while enhancing mental clarity and focus. Its energy promotes creativity and harmony. It is said to help the wearer see things clearly and rationally while encouraging meditation and reflection.

How damn ironic.

This May sees on one side of the world a full-on madman relentlessly killing innocent people in an attempt to depose their government and there’s a whole lot of bs taking place in between until you come upon the shores of America where full-on madmen are killing innocent people–just because they can. 

Just because they can.

It makes me beg the question of just what kind of mental cadaverous cave of debauchery one must dwell in in order to carry out these heinous crimes. And in America, if you have any sanctity or regard for human life–any at all– you have to ask yourself what kind of mental instability the people who are elected to the Congress are suffering from with their excuses and ridiculous answers for coming up with real-life doable solutions to tackle this Godawful problem. These elected decision-makers have got to know––regardless of how much money their coffers are filled by the NRA, gun lobbyists, or whoever––they simply must know that the existing gun-friendly laws are clearly ineffective and are not common-sense gun laws.

They are allowing our people to be killed. 

Maybe when the second amendment was written, back in 1789,  people were not as insane as they are now. It’s as if the human race has over the years had a mental and emotional downward spiral evolution into wicked depravity; an especially dark corner of hell.  I wonder if it were written today, how it would be written.

Expanding background checks ― measures that consistently attract support from a majority of Americans in polls CAN NOT be a bad thing. And the legislation stalling this due to resistance from certain decision-makers in the Senate and the notion that the answer is that we need more guns is just flat-out jackassery. 

This is not a drill folks.

Firearms are now the number one cause of death for children and teens in America. Imagine that.

This picture is of Marc, my son when he was in second grade. The baby whose life I so desperately and relentlessly fought for. The same age as several of the babies killed in Texas the day before yesterday. I. Can. Not. Imagine. This. Kind. Of. Grief.

Hug your children. Hug your grandchildren. Your nieces and nephews. Tomorrow is not promised to them. 

And when you get a minute, visit Go to every which is the largest gun violence prevention organization in America, and see what you can do to help or support or help them make an impact.

Oh, but for the promise of the month of May…