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The Prescription is in… RX Seattle is Dying

The diagnosis is clear, and the resounding response is it’s time to take action.
Seattle is Dying… What is the RX?

Many blame the City Council and our Government:
“It’s about time someone spoke the TRUTH! We need to vote out these socialist lawmakers” and
“Dana thank you for speaking out. Our city counsel has failed us miserably. Seattle has become a cesspool. Everywhere one looks you see homeless encampments riddled with garbage. It’s heartbreaking to see our beautiful city become this.”

There is resounding anger that our police force is not able to do their job:
“Many policemen and women are resigning in frustration because they aren’t allowed to do their jobs”

I have come to the resolution as my friend, Leslie shared, “
The film speaks to the power of our citizenry to make a difference when our public officials won’t.”

Steve posted,
“The irony of the two richest men in the world living a stones throw away from each other.” And another respondent replied,
“I was sharing this topic with a friend last night. The irony of living in one of the wealthiest areas in the world with some incredibly brilliant human minds… and we can’t figure this out? I’m baffled.”

Granted, we have a drug and mental health problem, which we should allow the police to police illegal substances on the streets. WE MUST VOTE for representation!!!

We must support affordable, sober housing! We need more programs and to support such as Plymouth,
Plymouth Housing’s mission is to eliminate homelessness and address its causes by preserving, developing, and operating safe, quality, supportive housing and by providing adults experiencing homelessness with opportunities to stabilize and improve their lives.

We must support our shelters- Go out on a tour with Union Gospel Mission and walk the streets and see for yourself the plight that exists.
UGM states, “To end homelessness, we must go beyond free meals and safe beds to the underlying causes. Join us as we affirm each person’s value and offer a pathway to a different life.”

Yesterday, I attended one of my favorite charitable luncheons, Treehouse for Foster kids. I am a proud member of their Advisory Board. Our youth, who by the misfortune of their parental circumstance need our intervention to stop this cycle! Volunteer, Donate, Give be it your time, resources, tutoring, clothes or capital.

In the meantime, what WE can address is OPERATION CLEANUP! Just as the Adopt a Highway Program exists, we need companies to underwrite Adopt a Camp. Sober homeless could be employed as a part of the cleanup. When I see a mattress dumped on public property, I call Booker at Junk B Gone to remove it! As a community, that’s a start- let’s get Spring cleaning!

Please keep your ideas coming, and lets put them into action. It’s TIME, it’s time, it’s past time! Get in IN-involved!