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The Orchid Manifesto

Aren’t these orchids spectacular?
Mama loves them and that is why they grace her living room. Admiring them is my third joy in the morning; this runner-up coming in after kissing Mama and then Dana, my sister, and co-blogger good morning.
These plants are serene and majestic. They are joyful. Considered one of the top ten most beautiful flowers in the world, no one can deny their natural beauty.
This species of flower can last anywhere from several days to several weeks. Generally speaking, they will last longer if the orchid is kept in a cool spot, is watered sufficiently, and isn’t stressed.
Similar to people as we too thrive in safe, nurtured, and untroubled environments.
Orchids bloom especially well when they receive enough light, fresh circulating air, and enough water. Again, just as we humans do when we are privy to education, are free from pollution, unsanitary conditions, and have access to food and clean water.
Without these basic elements, the orchids die from rot and or disease–as do we humans.
So here’s a fun, yet very interesting fact–did you know that orchids can communicate? Here’s what happens: when damaged by a disease or insect, they release a chemical signal that is transmitted through the air to other plants initiating the production of toxic compounds in their leaves and flowers enhancing their defense mechanisms which protects them against different threats like insects, predators, and microorganisms.
In other words, they are an all-for-one and one for all kind of species; team players. They care about each other, they communicate with each other, and do what they can to support and help each other–they do not exude any silent diatribes throughout the air calling for subjugation, bloodshed, the great replacement, unequal rights, terrorism, totalitarianism, extremism, abuse, hate, or killing; these plants are not hard-wired for negativity, they celebrate all of life’s moments.
We humans might want to adopt a thing or two from what I call the Orchid Manifesto which declares the orchid to be thoughtful, refined, charming, loving, and joyful and in that sense, they improve our lives –nothing short of special.
We are facing so many challenges all over the world, but we can choose to bloom.
We can indeed choose to bloom.
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