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The One Year Challenge! Bottoms Up!

I must admit I am really enjoying the current trend of the Facebook 10 year challenge.  But as we look at how we have blossomed in the past decade, let’s condense it and see how we have grown in the past year and where we will be in the next.

As Menopausebarbees, physically we all fight looking like this:

Often times our goals droop like our asses.

I recently had the great fortune to spend an overnighter at the Salish Lodge with two of my best girlfriends, Stacy and Patti.  The pajama party which included fireside wine, dinner and a foot peel, was our chance to sit down and get real.  With pen and paper at hand, we did some hard soul searching on what I call the who, what, why, where and how we are going into 2019 and beyond.  It was more than an exercise in writing down goals.  It was a session really questioning how we want our lives to manifest over the course of the next 365 days and after and what tools we plan to incorporate and  what issues to eliminate to make it happen.  We are creatures of habit, thus change is hard.  Elimination of any and all hindrances were even written down and burned in the fire.  This was such a freeing experience to really give voice and thus pen to saying goodbye to anything blocking your happiness.

For those who have written down goals 99% include working out, eating better, and not drinking alcohol.  All of these sacrifices will certainly benefit your physique, and hopefully keep your ass perky, but what will you do this year to benefit your soul and the core of who you are to live your best life?

Some solutions might include to read a book a month.  Challenge yourself to speak up and speak out against injustice.  Visit someplace new – even in your own city.  Expand your territory and make new friends.  At the end of the year, imagine how much more evolved you will be through reading, enlightening, protesting, and getting to know people who may just be acquaintances.  Really when was the last time you be-friended a stranger?

Stacy,  truly is one of my hardest working friends. Between her career in the wine industry, her family, plethora of friends and her charitable endeavors and volunteer schedule, (I joke, but it’s true) I have to have a phone appointment to talk to her.  I asked her how she managed to juggle it all.  Stacy said every day she really recognizes each moment she gives doing something- whether it’s being counsel to a friend or working, she is trading in precious moments that she could be doing something else.  That was a powerful take away from me.  If I truly calculated the hours I spend idyll on the phone, watching senseless television, or zoning out on Facebook, I could be so much more productive.  So, if I don’t ping you back immediately, don’t take it personally!

My take-away from Patti was legacy.  Patti has been a passionate advocate for conservation of species.  Last year we went through massive shenanigans to get a gorilla to Ellen DeGeneres (read menopausebarbees post Gorillas in our Midst…Ellen Let’s Go Ape!”  Patti desires, and I know she will leave a legacy and a voice for these beautiful creatures.

Last year, I gave up red meat and I’m proud to say after a lifetime of eating steak, hamburger, and bacon- I still have not gone back and it’s two weeks into the new year!  I appreciate a good challenge, and I’m making some personal sacrifices now. Don’t ask me for a drink Monday- Thursday please! But this year, the real challenge will be to spend my time more wisely.  Time is a commodity we can only spend it and not get it back- so spend it wisely.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Bottoms up!

How’s that for a Facebook Challenge? Me at 10!!!