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The News

Many of us are mothers or fathers and if some of us aren’t, I’ll assume that if you’re here with my sister and me on our blog, you surely must be an adult and therefore capable of thinking responsibly.

I’ve been reading the news online this morning and two articles about children touched me today that I’d like to share with you.

The first one is about a young man named Troy Davis, born on October 9, 1968. Troy has been sitting on death row in Georgia since 1991 and is scheduled for execution next Wednesday for the killing of an off duty police officer in 1989.

Problem: there is no weapon, DNA or fingerprint evidence tying him to the scene of the crime.

Tony has maintained his innocence, saying he was wrongfully convicted of the crime as a result of false identification and since his conviction, seven of the nine prosecution eyewitnesses who had linked him to the killing have recanted their trial testimony, with many stating that they were coerced by police.

The second article is about Chaz Bono and his decision to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

Problem: some folks are terrified that a person who has undergone sex reassignment surgery will…dance. On a television show.

First of all, the fact that both of these stories is not getting equal airplay baffles me. But that’s another story.

What I want to say here is that both of these people in question are someone’s child. Now,

I don’t know if Troy is guilty or not. Maybe to err on the safe side, instead of killing him, maybe he could be spared the death penalty and remain incarcerated until the truth is really discovered, if it is to be. Who knows? Perhaps in that time he will be able to contribute something to his fellow inmates or even to society.

And Chaz. I don’t really know what the consequences of his decisions regarding his life will be for him down the road. Maybe to err on the safe side, he could be spared the bombardment of bigotry and just be given the opportunity to compete and possibly make this dancing show really entertaining. Who knows? Maybe he can really get down. Perhaps he will be able to contribute something to his fellow dancers or even to society.

You don’t need to be a parent to understand my blog today.

Just a sensible human being.

Enjoy the day my friends.