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Special Needs Child, Special Deeds Mom- Spotlight on Connie Feda

As we prepare for Mother’s Day, today we are re-posting a the story of Connie Feda, a mom who is truly 1 in a million- enjoy!

One of the great things about writing this blog is having the opportunity to share news that some of us might not get in the course of a normal day.

Take for example Connie Feda, the Mom shining in the Menopausebearbee Monday Spotlight today. Have you ever heard of her?

Well if you haven’t, Connie is a Mom to six children, a remarkable feat in itself. So along with runny noses, colds, lunch boxes, bus tickets, jeans, tooth brushes, entertainment devices, worries, breakfasts and dinners and on and on and on times 6– Connie is a loving Mother to a child of special needs, her daughter Hannah, now 13, who has Down syndrome.

When Hannah was 9 years old, she discovered while browsing through a catalog, that there were pictures in it of girls who looked like her sister, but none that looked like her. Mama Connie to the rescue in a big way. Because she couldn’t find any dolls already on the market that reflected the essence of her daughter and children like her, she decided to design her own. She wanted her daughter “to see a doll with Down syndrome and see something beautiful, because that’s what I see when I look at her,” she said.

And that is the love of a Mother times 6 thousand million billion trillion.

You can see more about Connie and her venture on Youtube under the heading: Mom Designs Special Dolls for Down Syndrome Kids. You can also visit the Dolls for Downs website.

Here’s to inspiration.

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