... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

The Halloween I was Robbed:(

Like Donna Summer, I had worked hard for the candy.  Dressed as a Pioneer Girl, I had left home on a typical rainy Halloween Seattle night.  For three hours, my sister dressed as a cow girl, along with our two besties, Carrie and Sandra trudged through the night, mud puddles, and low hanging tree limbs and filled our pillow cases (yes, this was the 70’s,) with Baby Ruth bars, Butterfingers, and Tootsie Rolls.  My mouth salivated as I was born with a sweet tooth. My six year old legs tired of collecting loot, and I just wanted to return home for my mama to wash the red lipstick and rose blush off my cheeks, where I would devour some of my treats, brush my teeth and head to sleep.


Ed, my bestie’s father, along with their mom, Joan drove their car slowly adjacent to us as we neared 9 pm.  The rain had subsided, but we were still wet, and our tennis shoes were soaked from the puddles we had encountered in the dark.  The houses in our Leschi neighborhood were slowly dimming the lights, and blowing out the lit pumpkins as they ran out of candy.  We had survived the haunted houses, and long treacherous driveways, and earned every morsel which would soon fill my mouth with a sensational burst of SUGAR!

The neighborhood kids were comparing houses.  Don’t bother going to the blue house on the corner, they gave apples, and mama had warned me some sickos were putting razor blades in them.  We would buy our own fruit.  And if any candy was open or unwrapped, I was to toss it immediately.  In unison, pint-sized people dressed as a police cop, a ghost (her mama probably used the same set from the pillow case), superman, and a hobo, we all huddled together as chaos erupted when I fell to the ground.  Imagine Nancy Kerrigan as I screamed) “Why ME??”  I lay on the sidewalk and cradled my empty hands, where seconds before I held enough sugar to keep my parent’s dental bill competing with our mortgage payment. “Why me?” I wailed and did the ugly cry.

Ed heard my wailing as my sister and besties tried to console my broken heart.  They begrudgingly would share their candy- if they had to!  But, Ed was on it, as he put that station wagon in reverse and drove it like it was a Ferrari in an Indy race.


The thieves knew they were ill equipped to out race this man on a mission and so they threw my pillow case full of my precious treats on the ground and disappeared into the night.  With my soggy loot recovered, but still in tack, traumatized we called it a night.

The bad ass little boys thought they had to the trick, but I got the treats- thanks to Ed!

Now to continue your laughter..