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The Game of Life

I’m heading to play a match of tennis which over this past year has become a passion of mine. As I reflect on why I am so engaged in this sport, I believe it is because there are so many parallels between this game and life. I play doubles, so consider this. Tennis like life, should be a fast past movement where you have to keep your eye on the ball/prize and concentrate. Sometimes you ace your serve and other times you double fault, but you have to have a strategy to win. There are times when you are just “ON” and others when you are having a bad day. If you are fortunate, during your rough times, your partner will have your back.

One of my favorite partners, Theresa said to me once, “Just keep moving. Don’t ever stop and wait for the ball to come to you, you go after it.” That advice improved my game immensely. As in life, if your not sweating and taking a chance, you are sure to miss your shot!

I was playing in a cup match earlier this week, and my concentration was off. My mind was sharing occupancy with a myriad of commitments, events, projects, appraisals, and issues with my kids. The score reflected my distraction as we were losing 4-2.
My partner, Laurie walked up to me, and whispered, “Listen, I am not a quitter. We take one point at a time.” Her words resonated and we were back in the game!

So today, I’m challenging you all to play the game of tennis in your lives.

Go for the tough shot- chase it. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take one moment, or day, or hour, as you would take one point at a time. Trust in your support and let your partners cover your back. Most importantly, don’t be a quitter and never, never, never give up!

I’d rather take a swing and miss it, rather than let the opportunity pass. That was my reasoning when I asked for this picture with Boris Becker, the 6 times major singles champ and youngest Wimbledon men’s champ at age 17.

In the beginning of every match, as the beginning of every day the score is- LOVE ALL!