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The Real Rock Stars!

Elvis agrees, these are the Real Rock Stars!

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At some point, all of our lives are touched by these Rock Stars and they need our support now!

I recall the terrifying Sunday, November morning when the phone rang informing me that my father had suffered a heart attack. They called it Sudden Death, and I didn’t know what to expect. His heart had stopped. He was in his mid fifties, and seemingly fit and otherwise active and healthy As I rushed from my apartment, a less than ten minute drive, the Medic Team had arrived and revived him. Forever grateful for the gift of additional years the Medic team gave me with my father. Because of them, he was able to meet my son and celebrate many milestones.

Now, it’s time to shine light on the Real Rock Stars!

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Team The Real Rock Stars!
Dana Frank and Patti Savoy

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